If you find yourself with 40 minutes to spare, you can watch the Academy Award-nominated short documentary Knife Skills for free on The New Yorker’s website. It follows the opening of Edwin’s, a fine-dining French restaurant in Cleveland that employs people recently released from prison. I’m saving the film for an upcoming plane ride this weekend, but please tell me if you enjoyed it. [Kate Bernot]

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day is one of those Hallmark holidays that can really suck: If you’re not with someone, it can seem like everyone in the world is just marching by you in pairs, ark-like, on their way to a fancy dinner tonight. If you are spending V-Day alone for whatever reason, we have a great binge-watch for you: The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Now in season three, Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) has figured out that many of her problems can be traced to her tendency to obsess over relationships, so her journey to finally put herself first has been engaging to witness. Plus it leads to fun theme songs like “Without Love, You Can Change The World,” with many suggestions for positive causes you can concentrate on instead of obsessing over whether someone has texted you or not today. [Gwen Ihnat]