Solo + Solo Cup winner of easiest crossover in marketing history

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You have to imagine that the execs at the Solo Cup company were just chomping at the bit when the title of the latest Star Wars movie was announced. “Just stand back everybody,” they likely warned the snack foods and soft drinks hoping for their turn. “We’ve got this.” I mean, Solo/Solo Cup? No other products need apply. (Although many did, so that other Solo sponsors include Denny’s, Esurance, General Mills, and Nissan.) Even the original working title of the movie about young Han Solo was “Red Cup”:


Taking advantage of this huge turn at bat, Solo Cup has already added Alden Ehrenreich’s visage to a run of limited-edition packaging—along with Chewbecca, naturally.

You can also register for a Solo Party Pack on the company’s website, featuring lots of party cups, Solo movie tickets, and a red T-shirt that says, “Put together your crew.”

I can’t help but feel happy for Solo Cup: There was a Solo Cup factory right by where I went to school in Champaign, Illinois, and lots of kids worked there for summers. It was then I learned that the fascinating lines on a Solo Cup actually mean something, with different levels for liquor, wine, and beer. So much to offer, from one little red party cup! No wonder they named a blockbuster movie after it.


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