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I feel that, as a person who is legally allowed to smoke marijuana, I should be able to cross state lines with it. If I were to get a cold on vacation, I could easily head to a drugstore and purchase any number of over-the-counter medicines that will unclog my sinuses and cause me to trip balls like it’s 1999.


But if I get a throbbing migraine, or need a little medical help to keep myself from punching people in the face? Then I’m screwed. So how can I travel to cannabis-unfriendly places with my medically necessary (and perfectly legal) stash? I have no idea.

Thankfully The Wall Street Journal has waded into these murky legal waters for me, finding answers as best they can. As with most things involving airports, it’s complicated. Give it a read if you’ve ever wondered whether you can get those gummies from Seattle through security and into your home.


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