So a bear walks into a liquor store…

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As The Takeout has previously noted, bears this summer are horny, hungry, and ready to party. This has caused them to wander into people-filled places where they wouldn’t ordinarily venture, looking for food and hookups. This wanderlust led a bear into a liquor store in Bristol, Connecticut, where fortunately the quick-thinking staff locked the interior doors after the bear got through the automatic doors on the outside. NBC Connecticut reports, “The animal only made it to the doorway. Two quick-thinking employees hooked the latches at the top of the second set of doors from inside the store to prevent the bear from making it all the way in.”

I am pretty much awestruck by this kind of survival mentality, because I would have been in the fetal position on the floor in the Malort aisle, chugging away my last few moments of sweet, pre-mauled life. Or I would have been the customer who cluelessly walks right by the bear in the vestibule, who is hurriedly ushered in to the safety of the store by employees.


Store employees Daniel Thibodeau, told NBC Connecticut “he acted quickly in a situation where there is no standard procedure. ‘Instinct I guess, that’s what I’m thinking.’” Yep, that’s what I’m lacking for sure. It’s a good thing I wasn’t around in caveman times.

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

there is no standard procedure

I can not tell you how many organizations I have worked for where this event would have lead to me being asked to serve on several committees to come up with a “standard procedure,” but only after a long chain of e-mails clutching pearls, wondering how we could not have one already, and shaming people who felt the whole thing was silly with lines like “well, if you aren’t interested in the safety of our patients then I guess you don’t have to be involved.”