Last Call: Here’s the Show Me Your Aspics exposé we’ve all been waiting for

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If you are a person who enjoys Jell-O and other foods that jiggle, and you have yet to discover the Facebook group Show Me Your Aspics, you are in for a treat. Here is a never-ending stream of videos of quivering food. There are bold experiments with flavors and with glitter, failed attempts at new shapes and structures, and, well, I don’t know what you would call a hamburger embedded in a cube of aspic, but it’s definitely something.


Over at Salon, Ashlie D. Stevens has taken a deep dive into the amazing world of Show Me Your Aspics. Founded in December 2016, it has since accrued nearly 36,000 members. There are subgroups such as Chickens Eating Aspics, fan sites devoted to some of the more acclaimed members, and a spinoff group called Aspics With Threatening Auras (description: “Discovering and discussing aspics that make you feel unsafe while viewing”) that developed out of a schism within the main group.

“The fact that aspics are mildly repelling in person actually seems to be part of their online appeal,” Stevens writes. “Almost like a wrinkly, flat-faced dog or Adam Driver, they are so ugly they’re cute.” And they jiggle!

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