She’brew #RBG IPA honors Ruth Bader Ginsburg, raises money for ACLU

closeup of hanukkah beer cans
Photo: Shmaltz Brewing (Other)

Shmaltz Brewing, the only Jewish beer company in the country and famous for its He’Brew line of beer (honestly, best name ever), is releasing a new Golden Jelly Doughnut Pastry Ale brewed with raspberry and cherry puree, along with vanilla, as this year’s Hanukkah Beer.


On one of my more recent forays to the liquor store, I purchased my first four-pack of pastry ale, and it was a sort of a revelation. I didn’t know beer could taste like a big ol’ slice of vanilla cake, and if you’re in the mood for something out of the range of the current deluge of IPAs, I highly recommend you give one a try, especially if you’re into sweet desserts. So a jelly-doughnut-inspired brew doesn’t sound out of the question at all, and in fact, something to check out, whether you celebrate Hanukkah or not. It will be available in 12-oz. cans in a four-pack at select stores in the Eastern United States.

Also new to the lineup is a new “She’Brew” release, produced in collaboration with Moustache Brewing, honoring the life and work of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: a milkshake IPA brewed with blueberry, raspberry, and grapefruit. According to Shmaltz, the beer is a sincere offering to give huge thanks to a guardian and a champion in the way we know best.” A portion of the profits from this beer will go to the ACLU Women’s Rights Project, along with the Pink Boots Society, a group dedicated to inspiring women in the beverage industry to further their careers through education.

I’m relatively new to craft beer (big bourbon fan here, though my body gets mad at me when I have hard alcohol now), but both of these look like a great way to celebrate the holiday and to support some good causes while you’re raising a glass.

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I remember the IPA Hops Infusion Wars of the mid-oughts and to this day still won’t go near an IPA.I am definitely a malty beer fan and don’t want a can of hops juice with some beer flavor.

This sounds intriguing but still rather gimmicky. As I grow older (51 this month) I find my beer tastes are much less “push the envelope” and far more “give me something familiar, with a minor twist”. I suspect part of that is my decreasing tolerance for mass consumption.

Two or three and I’m good. Many moons ago, that barely primed the pump. So if I’m going to have only two or three beers, they’d better be good and something I want to drink. I’d rather not be challenged.