At last, good news: You can now rent a Shake Shack truck

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Attention, people of Atlanta and the New York metropolitan area (looking at you, New Jersey, Connecticut, and eastern Pennsylvania). Should you perhaps be planning a wedding, or reunion, or graduation party, or let’s-all-eat-Shake-Shack rally or something, you can now cater that event with Shake Shack, direct from a Shake Shack food truck.


According to a representative of the company, there are only two trucks at present—one in the Atlanta metro area, the other tooling around New York and its picturesque environs. The company’s website notes that the menu will vary by event, but states that “most Shack classics are available. Think: burgers, fries and shakes!” Prices will also vary based on the length of the event and the number of attendees, but that’s pretty standard, and the suggestion is that anyone wishing to book the truck do so at least two weeks in advance.

Food truck weddings have long been a thing, but this addition to the many available options is a pretty great one. Cheese fries! Big sloppy burgers! Milkshakes! Additional milkshakes! Milkshakes you can take to the bar and spike with Bailey’s! Sounds great.

The FAQ for the Shake Shack Truck (Shake Truck? Truck Shack? Shake Shuck? Open to suggestions) states that the company is “always looking for where to come next! Stay tuned.” We reached out to a representative of the company about any plans for future trucks, and will update this story if and when we hear back.

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Shake Shack is overpriced as hell for a middling burger. I’d rather go to Burger King because at least I know I’m not getting robbed for that middling burger.

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