Shake Shack cosplays as Bob's Burgers for San Diego Comic Con

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Right now, giddy hordes are swarming the floors of the San Diego Convention Center, cosplaying and shopping and giggling and shopping and standing in line and shopping and yelling “Yeah bitch! Magnets!” at Aaron Paul and shopping. One of the lines those giddy hordes will be standing in is one for a shuttle to a wonderful world of burgers, because for this weekend only, the Mission Valley Shake Shake is becoming Bob’s Burgers.

Eater reports that the temporary makeover is in honor of the 150th episode of the FOX animated series. Today, Friday, July 20, only SDCC badge-holders and invited guests will be able to visit the burger joint, which is playing host to cast members from the show. A shuttle will pick diners up every hour from the SDCC stop at Park Boulevard and Imperial Avenue, and upon arriving, they’ll have a chance to order a very special Bob’s-style burger of the day: the “Can I have your Slaw-tograph” Burger, is a cheeseburger topped with pulled pork, jalapeño, pickles, and scallion slaw.


But if you’re not among the giggling hordes, never fear! The Bob’s Burgers artwork and counter replica will remain in place all weekend, and both the restaurant and that specialty burger will open and available to the public on Saturday and Sunday.

If you’re not in San Diego at all, feel free to join me in saying this.

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Beer-light Guidance

2.5 hours after this was posted the overlap between Bob’s Burger and The Takeout fans remains at zero.