Last Call: Seoul, like you've never seen before

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seoul_wave by Brandon Li

Many Korean friends have shared this short film with me and I’m delighted to share it with you. Brandon Li has been one of my favorite YouTube filmmakers in recent years; his shorts capture the soul of the cities he visits with a kinetic, shark-swimming-forward energy. I was so proud to see my birthplace Hong Kong depicted so gorgeously, and now Li is back with a dizzying, thrilling 7-minute film on life in the South Korean city of Seoul (it came out last August). Li’s distinctive filming style is present—swooping gimbal shots, push-ins, a saturated vibrancy—I suggest you watch this in full-screen on your computer, or better yet, a television. If you’re a filmmaking enthusiast, you should also check out Li’s tutorials and explainers on how he produces his films. It’s truly astounding how inexpensive it is—relative to even a decade ago—to make work that’s cinema-quality. [Kevin Pang]