Seafood restaurant politely acknowledges Chicago Bull Zach LaVine’s severe defense allergy

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NBA player Zach LaVine has a seafood allergy and a sick burn for which he’ll be needing some ointment, metaphorically speaking, after being dunked on, metaphorically speaking, by a seafood restaurant’s social media team.


It all started when a well-meaning Chicagoan came across an ongoing Twitter dustup betwixt the Maryland-based Jimmy’s Famous Seafood and PETA. (It’s a whole thing.) Jimmy’s responded with an outlandish request.

The user responded, rightly, that Michael Jordan might not be a great asset as a player these days (though, in the humble opinion of The Takeout’s staff, he has great taste in tequila). He also suggested that maybe current player Zach LaVine, who’s got a hell of an outside shot but has also had some injury problems, was a worthy replacement. Jimmy’s Famous Seafood found that proposal somewhat lacking.

And this, dear Reader, is when the young guard got involved.


A nice little comeback! But LaVine was not prepared for how thoughtfully the restaurant was considering his other allergies:


To his credit, LaVine took it in stride, probably because he’s making a shit ton of money and can’t eat shellfish anyway, so what the hell does he care?


Thus endeth the food-related social media spat of the week (h/t Yahoo Sports). I shall say no more, except to share my new favorite basketball-adjacent Twitter thing, from my beloved C.J. McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers.


I bought the shirt.

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Joking about an allergy for some PR is so shellfish, props to Levine for not getting crabby about it.