Score some free Incogmeato, the plant-based meat with the best name in the biz

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It’s been nearly a year since Kellogg’s announced that it was jumping into the fake meat fray, expanding its plant-based MorningStar Farms brand with a new product called Incogmeato. I’ve come to realize that it’s a name so dumb that it’s actually brilliant—I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it for the past 12 months, despite the fact I’ve never even tasted the stuff. That’s going to change shortly, because now through Friday, September 4, Incogmeato is giving out free samples of its plant-based burgers, brats, chik’n, and the like; I’m sure that just like all other foods, fake meat probably tastes that much better when it’s free.


To get your free sample, head on over to Incogmeato’s official giveaway site, where the first 500 signups each day will receive a coupon that can be used wherever Incogmeato is sold. Today’s samples were gobbled up quickly, so stay up past your bedtime tonight if you want to score some free fake meat once the clock strikes midnight.

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Incogmeato is a Batman villain along the lines of Poison Ivy, but vegan. They and their sidekick, Rescue Dog, can be found in their lair, CrossFitGym. They get around in a Tesla.