Schitt’s Creek cast does not endorse Schitt’s Creek popup

The cast of Schitt’s Creek, not at a Schitt’s Creek popup
The cast of Schitt’s Creek, not at a Schitt’s Creek popup
Photo: Manny Carabel (Getty Images)

Now that indoor dining has resumed in Chicago (at 25% capacity), it’s time for new gimmicky restaurant concepts! Accordingly, a Schitt’s Creek-themed popup, uh, popped up last Friday in an arcade bar called Replay in the city’s Lincoln Park neighborhood that regularly hosts TV-themed popups.


“The pop-up experience channels the best of Schitt’s Creek — the show and its fictional setting — with decor from the Rosebud Motel, Cafe Tropical, the famous town sign, Moira’s ‘wig wall’ and more,” the Chicago Tribune reported. “Of course the pop-up includes themed food and drinks as well, such as Moira’s favorite ‘Ahn-chiladas’ — the secret is folding the cheese — Lovebird Wings, Lover’s Messy Sloppy Joe Eat-A-Thon, Cafe Tropical Mozzarella Sticks, Rosebud Cinnamon Buns and Schitt Fries, which, the bar notes, are better than Elmdale fries.” Reservations are $20, but you get that money back in the form of drinks credit. There will also be a Rose Apothecary that sells goods made by Chicago vendors.

Eventually word got back to Dan Levy, one of the stars of Schitt’s Creek, who posted this on Twitter yesterday:

“The event isn’t sanctioned by Schitt’s Creek,” Levy wrote, “and rumors of cast attending are untrue. Encouraging all to keep making choices that do not risk the health & safety of themselves and others.”

Since the Schitt’s Creek popup opened, Chicago has been hit with subzero temperatures and more than a foot of snow which have essentially shut the entire city down. Is this a sign? Let’s hope the weather and the popup aren’t too connected, since the it’s scheduled to stay open till April.

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Wouldn’t this fall under copyright or trademark violations somehow? The restaurant wants to profit off of the name and story elements of a popular show without going through the appropriate licensing steps... seems shady/unethical/crappy to me. I would think there would be legal avenues the Levys or the production company could pursue instead of just a tweet about it.