San Fran brewery trolls Cavaliers with new “LeBron Tears” beer

LeBron James speaks to the press after the conclusion of the 2018 NBA Finals.
Photo: Jason Miller (Getty Images)

Can’t a man show emotions without being considered less of a man? If his teammate screws up a game-ending shot in Game One of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, does not LeBron James rage in despair? If you prick him, does he not tear up?

Apparently, he does, as the NBA star showed visible emotion after J.R. Smith’s momentum-killing screwup in the first game of the finals, and the GSW sweep that followed. The matchup was the fourth in a series of NBA final showdowns between James’ Cleveland Cavaliers and San Fran’s Golden State Warriors, in which the latter team has now won three out of four. Now, a San Francisco brewery is not exactly showing the hallmarks of good sportsmanship by releasing a new IPA on Saturday called LeBron Tears.


Sporting News reports that in the shade-throwing description, Bare Bottle Brewery gloats: “Little known fact: KD, Steph, and Klay take opposing teams’ hopes and dreams, and turn them into soul crushing 3-pointers. We took the tears from Sir James’ Game 1 loss and distilled them into a hazy IPA, just for you. We also decided that Tears pair well with Mosaic hops.”

Hey, Michael Jordan cries too, you guys.

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