What do women want? A teeny pink veggie burger, says Salt Bae

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Hey ladies, are you sick and tired of burgers that don’t meat your particular, highly feminine needs? Well now Salt Bae—internet sensation, restaurant mogul, and jacked AF bachelor father of 13—has designed a burger just for us! You can find it as his burgeoning burger chain Nusr-Et Burger, which has just opened its first U.S. location in the heart of New York City. And to celebrate the grand opening, for us ladies only, the burger is free.


In order to satisfy our dietary needs, and to make sure we’re getting ready for swimsuit season, the King of Beefy Big Dick Energy is giving us the gift of veggie burgers, which, since they’re meatless, are pH balanced for a woman. They are also served on pink buns so you know they’re for chicks.

Al Avci, the general manager of all U.S. operations for the global Nusr-Et chain, told Eater New York that the promotion is intended to “compliment the ladies,” and was was previously successful when the burger concept opened in Dubai. Though it’s not mentioned on the menu, Avci clarified to Eater that men will also not be charged for their veggie burger, which is smaller than their standard burgers and can function as an appetizer.

There is no set end date for the free veggie burger promotion; Avci says opening promotions will be available for three months “or less.” Next stop for the Salt Bae Burger Express: Miami, where the company plans to open its first location (currently under construction) in about six months.

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Any restaurant that uses gold leaf to make “fancy” foods should be carpet bombed. Any restaurant with a burger over $20 should be carpet bombed. Any restaurant with a women’s specific item on the menu should be carpet bombed. Any restaurant that serves Redbull, especially if they charge $7.50 for it, should be carpet bombed.

Moral of the story, this place needs to be carpet bombed.