Burger King created a marketing campaign called Whopper No Show to promote Romania’s sole Burger King, inviting Romanians to exchange their boarding passes for a free Whopper meal. Apparently, people are taking the company up on it. It helps that BK partnered with an airfare website to find the lowest-cost tickets—some as cheap as 9 Euro, which is 3 Euro less than a Whopper costs at the airport—so the people aren’t, technically, losing that much money. They’re just subjecting themselves to the indignities of airline security, and probably lose a few hours of their day in pursuit of a fast-food burger.

The promotional video above shows stoked non-flyers gleefully consuming their burgers and declaring “It was really worth it!” They then list off the places they didn’t go: Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Rome, London. Watching the video, I understand the promotion a bit better, but I still don’t understand where Romanians get all this free time.