We might not have baseball, but at least there’s peanuts and Cracker Jack

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Photo: Amy Brothers/ The Denver Post (Getty Images)

Right now, a lot of us are dealing with the low-key cruelty of our phones’ “TimeHop” app, which shows the photos on one’s camera roll from one year ago, two years ago, etc. This time last year, my phone reminds me, I took seemingly every picture at Chicago White Sox games, where I spent most of the spring and summer consuming hypersalted popcorn, foil-wrapped hot dogs, and precarious pints of beer in proximity to the action on the field. It will suck not to do those things in 2020. But if you live in Richmond, Virginia, there might be hope for you yet.

The local NBC affiliate reports that the Richmond Flying Squirrels, a local minor league baseball team, is offering curbside pickup for ballpark food at The Diamond, debuting a concept it’s calling Funnville Foodie Fridays. It’ll feature all the usual ballpark greatest hits such as hot dogs, brats, burgers, Squirrelly Fries, and chicken tenders, but perhaps best of all is this detail about the beverage menu: “The Flying Squirrels’ new official beer, Richmond Rally Cap, as well as the team’s new wine, Feelin’ Squirrelly, will also be available for pick-up for customers 21 and older.” Who wouldn’t want to sip on a glass of Feelin’ Squirrelly? That sounds like everything I’ve ever wanted wine to be.


The first Funnville Foodie Friday will take place this Friday, May 22, and those interested in placing an order have until Wednesday afternoon to do so. The contactless pickup procedure seems pretty well thought-out, too, with vehicles being directed to their precise pickup location within the parking lot on (of course) Squirrels Way.