Restaurant staff surprises colleague with amazing birthday gift and you'll easily guess what it is

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Let us end this week with a nice story. There’s a restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas called Baja Grill, which prides themselves as being a locally owned restaurant specializing in “Mexi-Cali cuisine.”


For the past two years, a man named Kelly Toler has worked at Baja Grill as its nighttime host. He gets to work by either riding a bus or catching a ride with a colleague. It sounds like a real pain in the ass, especially when the restaurant closes late.

Toler turned 57 this past week. And because everyone at Baja Grill sounds like the swellest group of people, they decided to surprise Toler with a birthday gift that will make his life immeasurably easier. Watch here:

That’s right, they got him a car. He’s crying at his co-workers’ generosity. And it turns out, according to Little Rock CBS affiliate KTHV, a number of his colleagues independently came up with the same idea! Aww geez there’s something in our eyes. (Although, it’s against the law to gift a car unless there’s a novelty giant ribbon on top.)

Anyway, thanks for being such nice folks, Baja Grill. Next time we find ourselves in Little Rock, how about we patronize their fine business?

Kevin Pang was the founding editor of The Takeout, and director of the documentary For Grace.


Don’t hate me, this is really a nice gift and really convenient but do they know they gave him some big expenses. We can assume that he was living within his means because he was spending maybe less than $20 a week on bus fare. Now he has weekly gas bill and a monthly insurance bill and whatever maintenance costs that the car may need. On top of that, the restaurant will probably have him running deliveries and picking up supplies because he is driving the company car.

signed——a car owner that was just told I need a new engine.