Reese’s finally found the man who wrapped his car in its logo

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Reese’s had a mystery on its hands. Someone was driving around Nashville, Tennessee in a vehicle decked out in Reese’s peanut butter cup logos, a ride that looked like the candy equivalent of the Wienermobile. But oddly, that person wasn’t affiliated with or known to Reese’s in any way. So who was it?


To find out, the company put up five billboards around Nashville asking: “Is this your car?” with a hotline number. A few days later, TODAY Food reports, the answer emerged: A news station told Reese’s that the owner of the Reesesmobile was (aptly) a Springfield, Tennessee car detailer named Lavoy Sales.

And Mr. Sales, clearly, was a huge Reese’s fan.

A manager from the company reached out to Sales and reportedly had an “hour-long” conversation with him; Sales said he had the car detailed in Reese’s logos two months ago simply because he loves the candy. He also said he purchases bags of peanut butter cups every week and hands them out to people he meets in town—no Halloween holiday required. Oddly, Savoy does not appear to be the first person to drive a tricked-out Reese’s mobile; this one with a slightly different design was spotted in Ohio two years ago.

Hershey’s associate manager of earned media, Kylie Dugan, told TODAY Food the company is still deciding how to reward Sales for his commitment to their candy. Maybe they can send him this shitty-candy-into-Reese’s converter?

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This isn’t the least bit odd in the donk subculture:

I don’t understand it at all, but if a person loves Sour Cream and Onion Pringles enough to plaster them all over their ride, who am I to judge?