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A lot of us have hobbies, but Ashrita Furman’s is a bit more interesting than most. The 56-year-old health-food store manager from Queens, billed as “Mr. Versatility” on his website, he has set hundreds of world records, and more than 100 stand to this day. Granted, some of these feats are of his own design. Like his latest accomplishment, as WILX reports: Becoming the person with the most watermelons sliced on their stomach in under a minute. The world record, in case you were looking for something to do this weekend: 26. In the video, Furman’s feat is only heightened by his yelling “Hy!” with each cut.

Apparently, if you too concoct such a plausible world-record task, you can send it in to Guinness and if they approve it, you’re good to go. Right now Furman is also a world-record holder for hula hooping underwater (2 minutes, 38 seconds), most hopscotch games completed in 24 hours (434), longest distance for balancing a milk bottle on his head (almost 81 miles), and most jumping jacks (27,000, set in 1979). We’re guessing that last one will stand in the record books for quite some time.


Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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