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Once upon a time a burger flipper was a pejorative, signaling you had reached your career potential as a minimum-wage fast food slinger. But The California Sun, a daily newsletter from a former New York Times staffer, alerts us that employees at cult West Coast burger purveyors In-N-Out are raking in the beef: Annual salaries of its restaurant managers are upward of $160,000. That’s triple the average of managers at other chains, according to The California Sun. That’s about double-double what I envisioned a position like that would pay.

In-N-Out has a history of treating its employees well—paying them above the minimum wage, with health insurance and 401k benefits. It was named No. 4 on a Glassdoor list of best places to work in 2018, one place above Google. And, lest we not mention, In-N-Out really is one helluva cheeseburger. Read the rest of the story on The California Sun.


Kevin Pang was the founder and editor-in-chief of The Takeout, and director of the documentary For Grace on Netflix.

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