Prue Leith talks smack about NYC’s babka and I invite her to come say that to my face

Babkas on The Great British Baking Show
Screenshot: Netflix

There was much to quibble about during the most recent episode of The Great British Baking Show, like Linda’s Star Baker snub, literal brownie points, and Mark making a horrifying reference to he-who-must-not-be-named inside the world’s most sacred tent. In New York City, there’s some major quibbling about babka after Prue made the following comment:

Prue Leith tasting babka and saying, "I've had it in New York, and it's not nearly as nice as this"
Screenshot: Netflix

THE NERVE. That babka, while beautiful, was the creation of an underpaid kitchen assistant limey bastard Paul Hollywood, who only a week ago brought in rainbow bagels to share with the class. Somehow I don’t think these two have had a lot of experience eating in New York City.

I was born and raised in New York City, just like my parents and grandparents were, and as someone who has a mixture of Roll-N-Roaster cheese and U-Bet syrup running through her veins, I give legitimately zero fucks about what Prue thinks about babka. If this was Mary Berry then perhaps I’d pay this some sort of attention, but it’s not. If Prue Leith wants to get into a fight with me about the merits of British food as opposed to the foods of New York City, she can be my goddamn guest, and she knows where to find me. I look forward to hearing her explanations for spotted dick, forcemeat balls, and lampreys before I toss a pie from Tottono’s down on the table in front of her and drop the mic.


Allison Robicelli is a JBFA-nominated food & humor writer, former professional chef, author of four (quite good) books, and The People's Hot Pocket Princess. Need cooking advice? Tweet me @Robicellis.


¿Donde está la biblioteca?

*sips vodka-absinthe with a tequila chaser*

And this is why we all hate Discount Mary Berry over here in the UK. It’s bad enough she’s got a Tory shitpot for a son, she’s also upsetting the delicate sensibilities of NuYoik!