Pringles offers Thanksgiving dinner chips in turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie flavors

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Even woke high schoolers know the whole Pilgrims-sitting-down-charitably-with-Native-Americans-to-eat-turkey thing is probably a historical recasting, so why treat Thanksgiving food with such reverence? Instead, let’s turn those nostalgic foods into processed powder and blast-spray them onto potato chips! Yes friends, we’re talking about the return of Pringles Thanksgiving chips, which are this year available in Turkey, Stuffing, and Pumpkin Pie flavors. And they’re for sale right now.

The trio is a “greatest hits” version of last year’s full Thanksgiving-foods flavors, which included B-sides like cranberry sauce and green bean casserole. Pringles has pared the flavors down this year, but made them more widely available via; the set of three mini cans will run you $14.99 while supplies last. We sampled the trio, first by itself, and then in concert. Our thoughts:

Turkey: Like all chips that claim to taste like a roasted meat, this one screams of bouillon cube—but in that savory, infinitely re-snackable ways.


Stuffing: On the saltier end, with a prominence of celery salt and sage. Yup, tastes like stuffing.

Pumpkin Pie: The real surprise of the lot. It really works! Not too pumpkin spicy, and the combination of cinnamon and salt is lovely.


All three together: The Thanksgivinginess of it is lost in the muddle of flavors, but the savoriness with the undertow of sweet is good!

Is it worth $15? Look, you’re paying for the novelty of bizarrely flavored chips. I guess the real question is $15 worth it to keep your family occupied and out of your hair for three minutes? Only you can answer that.