Burger King kindly offers Prince Harry a job

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The recent news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepping back from their duties as Duke and Duchess of Sussex is, to marketing teams, the gift that keeps on giving. Yesterday, the official Twitter account of Burger King tweeted the following:

It loses a few comedy points for lacking an actual handle to “@” in order to gain Harry’s attention. But it gains points for having every appearance of a dashed-off, uncapitalized, unpunctuated text, like one you’d send to a close friend. That’s always a nice way for brands to mask what was likely a much more carefully planned and executed marketing triple axel. In any case, it could be fun to refer to Burger King exclusively as the Royal Family from now on.

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.

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The Hitless Wonderkid

He said he doesn’t want to be a royal anymore! Shesh, pay attention Burger King. (Side not I just realized if King is suppose to be a title, it really ought to King Burger, putting it afterword just kind of makes it last name like as in Dr. Martin Luther King or musician Albert King or talking head John King)