Twinkies are now an acceptable breakfast

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Did the world need a Twinkies cereal? Probably not, but this December, we’re getting one anyway.


According to a press release issued by Post Consumer Brands, “Twinkies Cereal replicates the distinctive taste and familiar oblong shape of the golden-colored snack cake, delivering delightful sweetness in every bite.” There is no mention of any creamy filling inside these oblong nuggets, so perhaps they’re meant to be eaten with frosting instead of milk? I’ve done much weirder things with cereal.

This is just the latest collaboration between Post and Hostess; previously the brands merged their talents to create cereals riffing on Honey Buns and Donettes. It’s possible that none of these qualify as part of a balanced breakfast, but as the press release is careful to note, “Taste remains the No. 1 purchase driver of cereal.”

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Meh, I’ve eaten a large slice of chocolate layer cake for breakfast because I’m an adult and I can do what I want even if doing what I want is to make a poor decision. That said I regret nothing.