Possibly impaired driver unfortunately mistakes jail for drive-thru

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Sure, there are a lot of drive-thrus around, so we can see where people can get confused. Are we in line for a Starbuck’s or a Potbelly’s? Dry cleaner or car wash? That sort of thing. But a Long Island driver recently chose about the worst place you could choose while looking for a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and allegedly driving while impaired: a jail security booth, according to Time.


The alleged culprit, 44-year-old Lizabeth Ildefonso “drove up to a security booth at Long Island’s Riverhead Correctional Facility and tried ordering a sandwich as if it were a drive-thru.” According to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, Ildefonso attempted to order a bacon, egg, and cheese. So, breakfast. Hey, that’s healthy! Deputy Sheriff Yvonne DeCaro told the driver that “she was, in fact, not at a drive-thru but at a correctional facility. Ildefonso allegedly repeated her request for a sandwich.” Oh, man. Was a sobriety test even necessary at that point?

Apparently it was, and Ildefonso “was charged with Driving While Ability Impaired and driving without a license.” The savvy deputy sheriff also stated “that the driver’s pupils were dilated, had glassy eyes, and had a white powder residue in her left nostril.” To quote last night’s UnREAL, do I look not-shocked, because that’s what I was going for. It must have at least made an easy workday for the deputy sheriff, though, to have an (alleged) offender just drive up to the jail like that.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.


“Ma’am, this isn’t a fast food resturaunt, you’re in a jail”

“*hic* No! Y-you’re in a jail....a ja-jail called capitablism! You’re a burger-flippin’ wage slave to The MAN! Now gimme my damn sammich!”