Office Reactions

Rose pork brains in milk gravy
• “It’s pink! It’s cute!”

• “It smells like cat food.”

• “It looks like a finger.”

• “It’s like mayonnaise, milk, water, and tuna all blended together.”

• “I don’t think pig brain is meant to be eaten.”

• “It looks like cancer.”

• “I’m getting a distinct aftertaste of Band Aid.”

• “There’s something vaguely corpse-y about it.”

• “An hour later, there’s a constant rumbling in my stomach that makes me fear sharting myself with every breath.”


Beverly bulk sausage
• “Ugh, it’s porous!”

• “That actually looks worse than pork brains.”

• “Tastes like more cat food.”

• “That tastes exactly like Fancy Feast. Don’t ask me how I know what Fancy Feast tastes like.”


• “It’s like gefilte fish—which is a Jewish delicacy that’s basically the hot dog of the sea.”

• “It doesn’t really taste overpoweringly like much of anything, just sort of loose meat. With a hammy, bologna-y tinge. That’s mostly liquid.”


• “I’m guessing this is what rations taste like, which I guess means they taste like can.”

• “Rose and Beverly are cruel bitches.”

Where to get it: Assuming you want to, Rose and Beverly brand products are reportedly available at several grocery stores, mainly in the South. If your local grocery is not stocked by sadists/zombies, do what we did and get it online: has them both.