Popeyes chicken sandwich and Impossible Burger sales no longer at brink of madness

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If you have yet to try the Popeyes chicken sandwich for fear that it may be sold out or that you might get shot, worry no more: After months of madness, Carrols Restaurant Group—owner of more than 1,000 Popeyes and Burger King locations—says that sales of the chicken sandwich have finally stabilized.


CNBC reports that, according to Carrols CEO Dan Accordino, some Popeyes locations were selling up to 1,100 sandwiches per day at the peak of #Chickensandwichmania2019. Speaking this week at the ICR Conference, a meeting of corporations and investors, Accordino admitted, “It’s not at that level now, but it is at a very stable level.”

Though he didn’t mention specific sales numbers, they’re no doubt impressive: Accordino revealed that Popeyes’ success stole market share across the entire fast food industry. Carrols, which is also Burger King’s largest American franchisee, saw fourth-quarter same-store sales growth of 21% at its Popeyes locations.

As for the other fast food success story of 2019, Accordino said that Impossible Whopper sales have also stabilized, and revealed it’s not exactly the sales juggernaut that the chicken sandwich is: the average Burger King location now sells about 28 Impossible Whoppers per day, down from a peak of 32 per day. In comparison, the sales average for original beef Whoppers, which retail for a dollar less than its plant-based counterpart, is 234 burgers per day.

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I still haven’t tried the damned sandwich.  I’m not really a big chicken fan.  However, I will give a shout out to Pollo Campero and their competing crispy chicken sandwich.  It was delicious.