New Popeyes in North Carolina ruining daily commutes

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It’s only October, but we can call it: Popeyes is having the best year among fast-food chains. As others tried to compete with new meatless burgers and drive-thru innovations, Popeyes won on the basics—making really good chicken that people want to eat. So many people want to eat it, in fact, that a new Popeyes location in Arden, North Carolina is causing traffic problems for the unincorporated community just outside of Asheville.


Local news station WLOS has footage of the traffic, which shows cars backed up onto Airport Road and parked in neighboring businesses’ lots when the Popeyes lot is full. According to WLOS, roughly 30 cars back up onto the highway during recent lunch and dinner hours. While some residents are obviously stoked about the new chicken restaurant that opened over the weekend, others say the Popeyes-related traffic is a nuisance.

Consider this a heads up to other communities that may have a new Popeyes in the works: Get your department of transportation on board from day one. Maybe even consider a dedicated exit ramp.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.


I’m a little surprised North Carolinians would betray their beloved Bojangles like that.