Polar vortex puts a freeze on free Chick-fil-A giveaways

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The Midwest has completely shut down, basically: no school, very few workplaces open—even Hamilton cancelled performances (to hell with “The show must go on”). But for some chicken sandwich fans, the cruelest blow might have the cancellation of two Chick-fil-A “First 100” events. As Chick-fil-A devotees know, when a new Chick-fil-A opens, people camp out overnight in order to be among the first 100 customers. If they succeed, they receive free Chick-fil-A for a year (in the form of 52 meals). According to the CFA website, this is a tradition that goes back to 2003.


Unfortunately for Missourians, the First 100 events for Florissant and Bridgeton in the St. Louis area have been cancelled, according to Fox Business. These two locations have the following message on the CFA website: “***Unfortunately due to inclement weather the First 100 campout at this location has been canceled.**” Chick-fil-A Bridgeton tweeted, “The safety of our Team Members and customers is our utmost priority. We have been monitoring the weather closely, and due to forecasts predicting below-zero wind chills, the First 100 Campout event has unfortunately been cancelled” to the crushing disappointment of people ready to camp out for those free 52 CFA meals, even in an arctic, polar vortex.

At least those Missouri Chick-fil-A fans will still be able to partake of their favorite sandwiches once the store opens. But participants at the First 100 in Tucson this week, obviously, had no such camping-out problems.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.



There are barely 12 Chik-Fil-A restaurants in Michigan. One is at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, inside the main terminal- so you either have to be leaving on a plane or starved upon disembarking to visit. Another is, perhaps ironically, located at the food court of the DMC Hospital complex in Detroit.