Pizzeria prank call becomes a lesson in human decency

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Photo: The Washington Post (Getty Images)
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If someone prank called me while I was busy at work, I’d probably let loose a rant worthy of a pirate or an irate taxi driver. My surely-not-uncommon reaction makes this polite exchange between two Papa John’s stores—who have both been prank called and then connected to each other, so that both recipients are confused—even more incredible.

The video was uploaded to YouTube a year ago, but exploded this week when it was posted to Reddit. It details how the two pizzeria employees moved past the initial confusion of “wait, who called who?” and then actually cooperated to solve a dough shortage at one of the locations.


In the recorded call, Brian and Summer, bless their hearts, work out an exchange of pizza dough to keep the South Lane Papa John’s stocked. In an incredible show of franchise solidarity and patience, the two not only negotiate the delivery of the dough, but make us all believe in human cooperation again. Goodwill 1; prank callers 0.

Kate Bernot is a freelance writer and a certified beer judge. She was previously managing editor at The Takeout.


Stanley Kirk Burrell

I used to work as a manager at McDonalds for an owner who had three stores in the area. Exchanging product like this so you don’t run out was a normal part of the job. I guess it’s neat that a normal business activity is heartwarming to you, but the essence of the video is, person attempts prank call, fails, potential victims go about their day completely unaffected.