Last Call: What does a pizza with extra-extra-extra pepperoni look like?

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Yeah, that’s extra pepperoni alright


I don’t typically order extra toppings on my pizza, but I might start after seeing this image. Posted to Reddit by user novalg, this “extra pepperoni” pizza is, as the kids say, so extra. Legit, that looks to be about a pound of extra ’roni on there. Screw my usual half-olive, half-pepperoni order—I’m going extra meat next time. (And hey, can you tell us which pizzeria this is from, dude? Help the internet out.) [Kate Bernot]

Thrillist’s 100 Best YouTube Videos Of All Time

Thrillist loves listicles like a fat kid loves fudge, but this particular list was one that actually added to the internet discourse: a highly subjective ranking of the best 100 YouTube videos of all time. I’d say a good 75 percent I’ve seen before, but the 25 percent that were new to me (such as Super Deluxe’s “Steve Harvey Doesn’t Want To Host Family Feud Anymore” above) were a complete delight. I ended up spending two hours going down the list the other night, a joyous romp down internet culture.

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