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Pizza Hut woos heartbroken girl with unsolicited pizza

Illustration for article titled Pizza Hut woos heartbroken girl with unsolicited pizza
Photo: Jeff Schear (Getty Images)

Maybe it’s the nature of writers that we’re apt to take to venting our feelings on social media. Frustrating mornings, horrible outfits, airline hassles, even the worst date ever can all be made better with some conciliatory remarks from online pals (a.k.a., friendly strangers) and a handful of likes.


We’re guessing that Australian writer Rosie Waterland had similar thoughts when she took to Twitter to describe her recent devastating breakup:


Fortunately, as an experienced memoirist, she’s also pretty funny about it:

Maybe that’s what caught the attention of Pizza Hut. As the New York Post reports today, Pizza Hut Australia offered to send Waterland a few pies to help her through these trying times.


It’s a nice, yet almost completely random gesture from the pizza chain, which is attempting to reach more millennials, after all. Also. Rosie, maybe this Pizza Hut social media manager is single? Just throwing that out there. Who knows—could make for quite a story to unfurl at the wedding toast.


Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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