Pizza Hut rolls out vegan pies after enough Brits demand it

Photo: Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Pizza Hut
Photo: Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Pizza Hut

It’s getting easier to hang out with your vegan friends. Folks you used to write off because you thought, “ugh they can’t eat anything,” now have greater options—even at fast food spots like Taco Bell.

The latest unlikely spot to cater to vegans is Pizza Hut. While the pizza chain of our youth hasn’t rolled out this option stateside yet, vegans in England are going bonkers over the faux-cheese options—at the very least, the availability of a once-exotic product like vegan cheese in a chain restaurant.


According to Metro UK, the chain tested the vegan cheese pies at select UK restaurants over a two-month period and was waiting to see how customers reacted. It was received well by customers, so they decided to roll it out at all 262 British locations.

The vegan pizzas will cost an extra £1, Grub Street reports, and are made with Violife, a faux cheese product made in Greece but sold in stores across the U.S. No word yet on when—or if—Pizza Hut will introduce this stateside.

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Look, if people want to eat vegan, fine. But, when vegans want to be vegan and still eat all the stuff that they had to give up to be vegans, then they’ve pretty much given up all their credibility when it comes to claiming that veganism is healthier. Which do you honestly think is better for your body? A bunch of fake cheese that has had to go through God-knows-how-many chemistry experiments to become an entirely unappetizing pizza topping? Or, actual, real cheese that is made from milk and some enzymes? Stick to your whole grains, fruits and veggies. If that’s too big a leap for you, then go back to eating meat and dairy, which is way better for you than that made up bullshit.