Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza celebrates 25 years of gilding the lily

pepperoni pizza next to nothing but stuffed crust pizza ring
Photo: Pizza Hut (Other)

When you think of cheese-stuffed pizza crust, does Pizza Hut come to mind first? It should. This product first debuted when I was a kid. Remember those commercials where they suggested you eat the crust before you eat the rest of the pizza, including one ad starring future president Donald Trump? Classic Hut. But let’s be real: nobody ever ended up eating their pizza that way.


It seems like almost all fast food pizza menus have them as a natural fact these days, Although Papa John’s released its first stuffed crust pizza recently, and many other pizza chains have their own version, Pizza Hut is inarguably the chain that made this style popular, back in 1995. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its best idea ever, Pizza Hut is selling three topping large stuffed crust pizzas for a cool $11.99 each, at participating locations. It’s probably for the best that my location isn’t in on the promotion—it has been decades since I’ve had stuffed crust, as it feels like such a commitment.

Additionally, now through January 7, customers at select locations in Dallas and Los Angeles can get a free “Nothing But Stuffed Crust” if they spend $10 or more. It’s a box containing only a Bosco Stick stuffed crust pizza ring, minus the pizza. They are literally just big hollow circles served in a large pizza box, and to be honest, they look pretty funny.

Over the last 25 years, the magic of Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust hasn’t just been limited to cheese. There was also hot-dog-stuffed pizza crust for an extremely short time in 2015. Those were such innocent days. Some countries have even been treated to pizzas with entire miniature burgers baked into the outer ring, a true culinary feat. Or monstrosity. You decide.

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I’ve got a question that you might know the answer to.

For what seems like decades, the Hut had the monopoly on stuffed crust pizza. I was shocked that the other chains didn’t jump on the band wagon right away back in the 90s and came to the conclusion that PH had some kind of patent on the pizza.

Then a few years back, Hungry Howie’s did it and now Little Caesar’s and Papa John’s have jumped on board.

Did it just take these other joints TWENTY YEARS to figure out how to make it or did the patent finally go into (for lack of a better phrase) “public domain”?