Before you jump on this NFL food-tester gig, read the fine print

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The kind of entry-level jobs on which a writer used to cut their teeth can be challenging to find in the busy digital market, but at least one sports betting website is offering the chance for an enterprising fan of arena/stadium food to break into the industry. You just have to be willing to foot a sizable portion of the bill yourself.


Odds website Pickswise is in the midst of an ongoing contest in which one lucky fan can win the job title (?) of Official NFL Food Tester.

In premise it’s simple enough: By September 9th, you upload a photo, follow a few social media accounts, and win the chance to “... go to games and eat the best signature dishes throughout the league to give us a verdict on which team does the best dishes and rating each one from every team to determine who is number one.” Fun stuff, and at 30 stadiums there’ll plenty on which to base a ranking.

But in one of those cases where reading the fine print is key, the rules and regulations betray that it’s all fine and fun until you reach the part about the distribution of winnings. “Prize includes: Tickets to a minimum of 3-5 NFL games. $500 and an allowance to purchase one signature dish at each stadium. The prize does not include travel or accommodation to any game.”

Last season, the average price of an NFL ticket landed between $60 and $200 for a seat. Even with a compensated ticket to the first three to five games at minimum, sampling food at every NFL stadium would cost thousands once the comps run out, and that’s before you factor in all those flights and hotel rooms that won’t be handled. At least the food’s covered?

If you’re at least 21 years old, and are flush with enough cash or liquid assets to travel the country over the next few months, your path into the exciting world of food blogging awaits! If not, then you won’t be in the position of giving away your work for free. It’s a win-win.




~20 years ago I was looking into the logistics of doing this on my own dime anyway, but more in the sense of “attend a NFL regular season game in every stadium in a single season”. A lot of it was catching an early Sunday game at one city, traveling to get SNF somewhere else, then MNF somewhere else, and trying to bundle three games geographically near each other each week.

Then the cost of tickets, and gas for the cross-country road trips, and effectively taking the entire fall off of work ended those plans quickly.

Shout out to whatever trust fund kid “wins” this “job”. Watch out for the stadium food in Philly; it could be some horse shit.