Pickle slushies will invade Sonic this summer

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Maybe you think that slushies are novel enough, but the thinkers over at Sonic refused to be bound by your tired flavor norms. So they’re going to offer pickle slushies this summer, apparently derived from pickle juice. WFLD Fox News Chicago reports that “The drink is a bright green and combines that sweet slushie flavor with a blast of pickle flavor.”


You will also be able to combine the pickle option with existing Sonic slushie flavors. We assume that that “blast of pickle flavor” has to be pretty palatable, otherwise why else would Sonic be pushing pickle slushies? So we may be open to combining the two green flavors of pickles and green apple. Or maybe a swamp-like concoction of pickle and grape. Or an invigorating beverage like pickle and Powerade Mountain Berry Blast. Also, our latest Hangover Helper reports that pickle juice is a worthy hangover cure, so that could come in handy.

WFLD continues, “Once the drink hits Sonic locations, you can use the pickle-flavored syrup for anything on the menu. That means you could put it in milkshakes, sundaes, or even on burgers, as long as you’re okay with possibly paying an extra charge.” Milkshakes? Sundaes? We’re trying to keep an open mind here, Sonic, but there are limits.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.



My previous employer would occasionally do ‘special’ food related things for us employees in the corporate office. Often it’d involve an ice cream truck or a variety of food trucks.

But one time they announced they’d be brining in a slushie-mobile and distributed the list of flavors for everyone’s anticipation.

They had dill pickle listed as a flavor and I told everyone that was what I was going to get, I’ve always been a dill pickle hound. I’m the sort that can buy and eat one of those large pickle tubs in a couple of days and it seemed perfect.

Pretty much everyone else’s reaction was similar to the comments here. Understandable, I get that not everyone likes dill pickles and even those who do, might not consider it a flavor worthy of drinking. but really... you might want to reconsider.

Unfortunately, the day of, the folk showed up and when I asked for a dill pickle flavored slushie, they informed my the truck only had enough room for a few canisters of flavors at a time and they had only packed the most popular ones - obviously of which dill pickle was excluded.

It was a sad day in Mudsville, I’ll tell you, I guess I went with some shitty flavor such as grape or whatnot.

I guess what I’m saying is... Sonic is going to make money of me... that’s for sure.

P.S. You really should also try some Kool-Aid Pickles.