Not everyone is on board, as the Inquirer reports on the BK branch in Philly’s Center City: “The location at 15 S. Eighth St. has opted out of selling the new burger, in respect to the ‘traditional recipe’ that calls for grilled rib-eye, a griddle, a crusty roll, and love.” You’d think that that branch really had strong moral convictions about Philly cheesesteak, until the Inquirer points out that the new about the holdout branch is contained in a press release by BK itself. Marketing ploy cloaked in regional food loyalty? Seems like a possibility.

This isn’t not Burger King’s first stab at a cheesesteak burger, at any rate; PI recalls that a BK Philly cheeseburger a few years ago placed its two cheese-and-onion-topped patties “on a long, seeded hamburger bun,” more like the traditional hoagie roll. Center City Philadelphians jonesing for the current Philly Cheese King fortunately at least have three other Burger King branches to choose from.