Screenshot: ConAgra Brands (YouTube)

Not since LeBronā€™s 2010 TV special The Decision has the nation been so captivated by an athleteā€™s choice: Which ketchup company would sign Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes? Mahomes is famously ketchup-obsessed, so naturally ketchup makers began courting him for endorsement deals. Also, he is good at football (the Chiefs are first in the AFC West).

Heā€™d previously expressed brand ambivalence, telling reporters last month that he alternates between Heinz and Huntā€™s, and has a soft spot for Whataburgerā€™s ketchup. But this week comes news that Mahomes has chosen a side, taken a stand, and will now be endorsingā€¦ Huntā€™s?

Really, dude?

We donā€™t make it a point to yuck othersā€™ yums, but when The Takeout blind taste-tested ketchups, Huntā€™s was objectively the worst: ā€œThe dominant flavor most [tasters] picked up was vinegar. Others invoked ā€˜pretty dullā€™ and ā€˜mutedā€™ in their descriptions.ā€


If Mahomes really knows ketchup, the condiment with which heā€™s become synonymous, youā€™d think he would sign with the tried-and-true Heinz, or even a lesser-known but delicious brand like Annieā€™s Organic, which topped our taste test.

ā€œIā€™ve been a fan of ketchup for as long as I can remember, and the thick, rich flavor of Huntā€™s ketchup delivers every time,ā€ Mahomes said in a press release announcing the deal. While we find his logic baffling, weā€™re glad Mahomes has finally made his decision so America can move on to other, more pressing condiment matters.