Pass the sauv blanc to the left: Weed wine is here

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Long day at the office? Californians can soon unwind with marijuana-infused wine. The new THC-infused sauvignon blanc comes from Rebel Coast Winery and will begin shipping to preorder customers and to more than 500 marijuana dispensaries across the state in January. The wine will also be sold in additional states with recreational cannabis allowances in the coming months.

Each bottle contains 16 mg of THC, or 4 mg per serving, according to the winemaker. Regulations permit up to 10 mg of THC per serving of edible weed products, but 4 mg isn’t exactly negligible. (Soccer moms, you’ve been warned.) The company says drinkers will begin to feel the effects of the wine after about 15 minutes. A bottle retails for $59.99 to customers 21 and older.


There is a catch: The wine contains no alcohol. Under California’s Prop 64, alcohol and marijuana products cannot be sold in the same location or combined into one product. Instead, the sauv blanc is made from a blend of Sonoma-grown grapes, but the alcohol is removed after the juice’s fermentation. Rebel Coast Winery touts it as a way to enjoy marijuana and the experience of a glass of vino, minus the hangover. You won’t be able to sneak it into a company happy hour unnoticed, though: The wine also contains terpenes, the oils in marijuana that gives it its distinctive aroma.

In the second half of 2018, Rebel Coast plans to add a cannabis-infused rosé and sparkling wine, as well as a line of cannabidiol-infused (CBD) wines with medicinal benefits but no psychotropic effects. Our prediction: San Francisco gallery openings are about to get a lot more interesting.