Papa John finally departs from Papa John’s

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Good morning everyone, and welcome to today’s installment of As The Pizza Box Turns. In a surprising turn of events, the continuing Papa John’s saga—which kicked off with chain founder John Schnatter using a racial slur in a marketing call over the summer, then his stepping down as board chair, then his regretting that action—appears to possibly be at an end. QSR Magazine reports today that “The 5,000-plus unit pizza chain and Schnatter agreed to a separation plan, according to a securities filing Tuesday, where Schnatter will leave the company’s board in exchange for having a say in naming his replacement.” The important thing is for you not to blame yourself, as this pizza chain and its founder both love you very much, they just don’t love each other any more. The resolution also dismisses two other legal disputes between Papa John and Papa John’s.


While no candidates have been put forward yet to take on the considerable challenge of the rebranding Papa John’s—which has already begun with a considerable helping hand from investment firm Starboard—“the settlement calls for Schnatter and new executive chairman Jeffrey Smith to agree on an independent director to serve in his place.” This strikes us as some kind of Lion King dynasty shenanigans: What if Schnatter just puts in a mole who will still report directly back to him? But now that this separation appears to be final, we can only hope that Schnatter will just go home and just take a long-overdue nap on his giant piles of money, and leave the courts (and his old company) alone for a while.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.



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Anyone else expect that asshat to keep his facehole shut and quietly leave?

No one? Didn’t think so either. And good luck to the brave fools attempting to rebrand something with said asshat’s name all over the place. Just cut the cord of the albatross that is tied around their collective necks and is currently strangling the company, then completely rebrand it and be done with it.

But I don’t eat their crappy pizza anyway, so outside of feeling bad for the regular people just trying to work there, I don’t really give a wet shit what happens to the company itself. Schnathead can just go stuff himself into a working pizza oven at his own house and I’d be good with that.