Panic! At The Disco fans inexplicably receiving Potatoes! In The Mail

Photo: Nicole Lienemann /Rick Kern (EyeEm/Getty Images for Turner )

There are inspired marketing campaigns, and then there’s this. The Independent and other outlets are reporting that some Panic! At The Disco fans have received potatoes in the mail, and naturally, are posting on social media.


Some of the potatoes have “Pray!ng For The Fa!thless” scrawled across them, Panic!’s logo, lyrics like “Oh it’s Saturday night” from the band’s new single, or a photo of Panic!’s Brendon Urie. They also seem to contain images of cryptic clues, like a key seen in Panic!’s super-violent video for “Say Amen (Saturday Night),” from new album Pray For The Wicked, due out June 22. Panic! hasn’t taken official credit for the mail stunt, but the tie seems obvious, especially since that video dropped last month.

If you want to send out your own mysterious potato, just visit the website, which will send potatoes, glitter bombs, or potato glitter bombs to whoever you like (for a fee, naturally). Meanwhile, the only potato-adjacent clue seems to be that Urie stabs someone through a spud in the “Say Amen” video, in which he gorily defeats a number of assassins. Makes those anonymous potatoes just a little more ominous.


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