Avocado toast is passé. It’s time for the pancake board.

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Yes, yes, we know avocado toast is great and everyone is eating it now, and it’s become such an essential part of our lives that some citizens of Berkeley want to enshrine it as a street name. And blah blah blah. But time marches on. It’s time for something new to show off on your breakfast Instagram. And so, straight from Australia, which gave us avocado toast in its modern form, we give you: the pancake board!


Think of it as a charcuterie board for brunch. “You can make your own by filling a breadboard or large serving dish with pancakes, spreads, fruit and sprinkles,” advises Newshub, the New Zealand website that first alerted us to the existence of this delightful-looking trend. “Use glass jars and ramekins to help separate the ingredients, as well as looking fab.” If you’re feeling fancy—or carnivorous—add some bacon.

Pancake boards are already quite the thing on Australian Instagram (though there is evidence that Americans have discovered it as well) and Kiwis are waiting impatiently for the moment when it crosses the “ditch” to New Zealand, which has already enthusiastically embraced the pavlova board. But, my fellow Americans, when have we, as a nation, ever waited for anything? Let’s take the initiative and ease the pain and bitterness of the election year that is to come by holding our loved ones close and gathering ’round the pancake board.

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Oh boy, cold pancakes and cold bacon for breakfast so you can Instagram your food a new way. But at least now you also have a mountain of food waste for all the stuff you don’t end up eating, so it’s a win-win.