Photo: dolgachov (iStock)
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A Reddit poster offered up this gem in the r/MildlyInteresting subreddit. It’s a photo of a “ticket” they received on their car’s windshield after parking overnight in the lot of an Ontario bar called The Wismer House. Though instead of demanding a payment, the “ticket” is actually a $10 drink credit to reward the driver for leaving the car overnight rather than driving it home while potentially intoxicated. Only in Canada, man.

The yellow slip of paper reads “you made a smart and safe judgment call” and “we like the cut of your jib,” a phrase I am definitely going to work into my writing more often. In a further act of Canadianness, the $10 gift certificate then apologizes, stating: “Sorry if you thought this was a legit parking fine.” Not a bad idea for bars with ample parking. I like the cut of Wismer’s jib.