One of America’s most innovative chefs reimagines bacon and eggs

In the season finale of Kevin’s Bacon, we asked one of the country’s most innovative chefs, Phillip Foss of Chicago’s EL Ideas, to take bacon and eggs and turn the dish on its head. Did he ever. Find out how in the video above.

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I'm certainly no expert on fine cuisine, but wouldn't the ghost pepper infusion just obliterate any flavor that the caviar would impart?!? You still get the texture, I suppose, but otherwise, it would just be a really expensive medium to carry the heat of the pepper. A jam or puree made out of the pepper might have been a better idea.

Like a number of people, I had no idea what this "salsify" was. The way he casually dropped the word into his spiel, you would have thought it was a really common vegetable. For a while, I assumed it was and I was just mishearing him. Thankfully, it is spelled almost exactly like it sounds: