The Obamas making a kids’ food show called Listen To Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents

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Netflix has made a number of big gets in recent years (hi, Beyoncé, love your work), but none was perhaps bigger than Barack and Michelle Obama. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? They’re new to the world of television, but have done well in other fields. Last year, the streaming service signed a multiyear production deal with the couple, who will produce film and television projects for the company through their new production outfit, Higher Ground Productions.

Now we know what their first slate looks like. As The New York Times reports, this early roster includes a Frederick Douglass biopic; a drama series from the writer of Thelma & Louise; a scripted anthology series adapted from the recurring NYT feature “Overlooked,” which centers on people whose deaths went unreported by the paper; and a series based on Michael Lewis’ The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy, to name a few.

Oh, and a food show for kids with a hell of a title. Listen To Your Vegetables & Eat Your Parents is not, in fact, a series that argues that children should practice matricide, patricide, and cannibalism (we’re assuming). Instead, it’s a half-hour series aimed at preschoolers, which will “take young children and their families around the globe on an adventure that tells us the story of our food.” Per Variety, it comes from Erika Thormahlen, a writer with a background in education, and Jeremy Konner, who, as the co-creator of Drunk History, also sort of has a background in education. No release date or other information has yet been shared.


As First Lady, Michelle Obama focused much of her time and attention of the Let’s Move Campaign, which promoted healthier habits (including eating habits) for kids.

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Waiting for all the people here to call the name of the show stupid AF, oh wait this is Obama, won’t happen here but I bet if Melania did this, OH BOY would this place be a shit talking fest. But we don’t like to look into mirrors here.