NYC's hot new pop-up is a house full of egg stuff

Photo: Kriengkrai Kontasorn/EyeEm (Getty Images)

Have you heard about The Egg House? Everyone is talking about. Everyone! The New York Times, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, even a publication called HYPEBAE that I am definitely too old to read. What is The Egg House? You are correct: It is a house full of egg stuff, and promises to take the city by storm.

A sort of art installation-cum-Instagram-opportunity, The Egg House can be thought of as a kin to the Museum of Ice Cream, which is a traveling pop-up phenomenon that bleeds sprinkles. Except, you know, this one’s about eggs.


For an $18 ticket—$12 for seniors—visitors can eggs-perience the following, according to The Egg House website: instagrammable installations, interactive design, vendors with eggcellent egg treats, and a gift shop. The space also tells the tale of Ellis, an egg who moved into a home on the Lower East Side.

I love eggs but I have no idea what this is about, truthfully. A teaser slideshow promises what looks like an oversized plastic egg swing, a swimming pool of ... something, and lots of pastel colors and neon lighting. Should you want to take a crack at it—haaaa egg jokes for days—dates open up beginning April 7.


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