Nudist restaurant opens in Paris because France

Photo: O’naturel / Facebook
Photo: O’naturel / Facebook

As someone who perfected the art of changing without being seen in my undies at a very young age, I’m always baffled by people who relish being nude in public. Or being nude anywhere, really.

Which is why when I saw that a nudist restaurant is opening in Paris, my initial response was abject horror. I suppose that reaction is due to the combination of a sexually repressed American culture, years of Catholic school, and good old-fashioned body shame.


Eater reports that O’naturel opened in Paris’ 12th arrondissement earlier this month. It bills itself as a “naturist restaurant,” serving French bistro staples including foie gras and snails and—thank heavens—they change out the seat covers between customers, according to ABC News. 

While a nudist restaurant in America seems like a long way off, the demand is out there: London’s pop-up nudist restaurant The Bunyadi had a 50,000 person waiting list before it announced plans to open a more permanent location in, you guessed it, Paris. And an estimated 3.5 million people practice nudism in France every year,  ABC News reports.

Here are a few more things to know before you eat crème brûlée in your birthday suit on your next jaunt across the Atlantic:

  • Cell phones are banned, so no taking secret photos of your dining companion’s junk (are nudists beyond this type of behavior because I’m certainly not).
  • Reservations are required.
  • Employees of O’naturel must wear clothing, presumably, the cooks in the kitchen as well.
  • There are blackout curtains on the windows to keep peepers at bay.
  • There is a changing room so you can and should wear clothing to the restaurant and not subject train or bus riders to your bare ass.

Jen Sabella is Managing Editor of The Takeout. She loves: fried chicken, mezcal, cats and stalking celesbians on Instagram.

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I could see this as good place to go for a date for a few reasons: 1) Both parties know “what you see is what you get” 2) Everyone else in the place will probably be older since the pricing can be a little cost prohibitive for the younger set and thus I could look good by comparison 3) I don’t have to worry about my tie falling in the soup or any other parts of my meal.