Zoom drops 40-minute meeting time limit for Thanksgiving, eliminates all means of escape

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Three young sisters video chat near Thanksgiving ingredients
Best of luck ending that call, ladies
Photo: kajakiki (Getty Images)

Oh, good: Zoom is lifting its 40-minute meeting time limit this Thanksgiving. That’s a relief. Otherwise, users with the free version of the video meeting software might be forced to keep their family video chats to well under an hour. And we certainly would not want that.

The company announced in a tweet that the 40-minute time limit will be lifted globally from midnight EST on November 26 to 6 a.m. EST on November 27. The promotion is meant to help connect friends and family members who can’t gather in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The promotion also means you can Zoom with your mom while she spends three hours basting a turkey, Zoom with your great-aunt as she watches the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (including pre- and post-parade commentary), and Zoom with your weird uncle as he tells you all about that weird sore on his neck. And you won’t even have to politely extricate yourself from the conversation while you get a drink, because you can take your phone/tablet/laptop with you to the kitchen! That’s certainly... a lot of family time to be thankful for.


Once again, the promotion is global—which means you’ll be able to tune in for an entire afternoon of family bickering even if you’ve safely relocated halfway across the globe. Just make sure that your entire family knows how to use Zoom before firing up the ol’ webcam. It certainly would be a shame if the chat were to be interrupted by technical issues, like your grandfather’s shoddy internet connection or the fact that you’ve somehow misplaced your MacBook charger. Yep, sure would be a shame.