Venison whiskey, anyone?

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Venison rump roast on serving board beside bowl of cranberries
Photo: Diana Miller (Getty Images)

There’s only one reason to be talking about Pennsylvania right now, and that’s venison whiskey. Yep, nothing else of interest is happening there whatsoever at the moment. (Except Gritty, who’s a happenin’ guy all the time.) So let’s talk about this whiskey, which is distilled with real deer meat. And let us not get distracted by any other news items that might crop up in the meantime.

According to PennLive (a news outlet that currently has absolutely nothing else to report on), starting November 14, New Hampshire–based distillery Tamworth Distilling and Mercantile will begin selling The Deerslayer for $65 a bottle. Deerslayer is described as “a 3-year-old white wheat whiskey that has been distilled with smoked red deer venison, cranberries, juniper berries, porcini mushrooms and green peppercorns.” It’ll be available only to a very limited customer base—you’ll likely only be able to pick it up if you’re in Philadelphia—so prod your Pennsylvania-based buddies to pick you up a bottle. Because, again, we ask you: what else does Philly have going on, anyway?


Tamworth Distilling, in partnership with Quaker City Merchantile in Pennsylvania, is known for its creative whiskies: as PennLive notes, it’s already produced spirits made with castoreum, a compound harvested from beaver glands, as well as one made with syrup tapped from cemetery trees. The Deerslayer is cleverly timed to arrive during the state’s deer hunting season.

Would you drink venison whiskey? More importantly, would you pay $65 for the opportunity?