Rick Astley has opened a bar in London, which we tell you with no ulterior motive

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Hot on the heels of their first bar collaboration just last year in London’s East End, Danish brewery Mikkeller and pop star Rick Astley have together opened a second London location. It’s currently a pop-up bar, but the space will be renovated to become a permanent brewery and restaurant next March.


Astley, famous specifically for his discography from 1987 to the present day and for no other reason that we see fit to discuss here, was first connected with the brewery a few years ago when a rumor spread that Astley lived in Denmark, where Mikkeller began. Astley doesn’t actually live there, but still, he decided to collaborate with Mikkeller on “Astley’s Northern Hop Lager” in 2017, then they jointly opened a taproom in 2018. There’s a news story about all this that you can read at Hot Dinners by clicking this link, which, again, will take you to a text-based news story, not any sort of musical video content.

Hot Dinners also notes that the new Mikkeller space will feature two floors, with cocktails and wine on tap in addition to beer. “Mikkel and his crew only do things the right way, and I love being a small part of that,” Astley said. (Yes, that link is also exactly what it appears to be.)

Marnie Shure is editor in chief of The Takeout.


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Astley’s Northern Hop Lager

Please. They really need a more qualified person to name their beers.

Might I suggest:

Never Gonna Give You Hop IPA

Never Gonna Let You Brown Ale

Never Gonna Run Around and Dessert Stout

Never Gonna Make You Rye

Never Gonna Say Goodbarleywine

Never Gonna Tell A Light Lager and Hurt You